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Birthday Card Sayings Empty Birthday Card Sayings

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:22 am

The warmest of greetings
are coming to you
with the very best wishes
for happiness too
not only for now
when your birthday is here
But day after day
Through the whole of the year

Happy Birthday

Wishing you every happiness this
special day brings
Have a wonderful birthday!

May today be filled with all the things you're wishing for
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the worlds's Most special daughter!

Happy 50th Birthday to you!

Just a note to say
Have a very, very
Happy Birthday!

Hope lovely surprises
are coming your way,
to make your
birthday a
wonderful day

Happy Birthday

This special
Birthday greeting
is being sent your way
with many happy wishes
for a truly perfect day

Happy Birthday


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