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Basic Shaker Card Empty Basic Shaker Card

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:04 am

Card mount 13.5cm x 13.5cm
Card measuring 12cm x 12cm, 10cm x 10cm, 6cm x 6cm in contrasting colours
Clear acetate 5cm x 5cm
Confetti of your own choice
Small paper card punch
Craft knife, pencil, ruler
Double sided tape
Sticky fixers

1. Stick the card measuring 12cm x 12cm centrally onto the card mount using double sided tape.

2. Punch shapes out, round the edge of the card measuring 10cm x 10cm, then stick this onto the front of the card.

3. Measure 12mm in from the edge on all four sides of the smallest square of card, then cut out a square using a craft knife, to leave a 12mm wide frame.

4. On the wrong side of the frame run a line of double sided tape along the inside edge. Remove the backing, then place the square of acetate centrally over the frame.

5. Still on the wrong side, make a frame of sticky fixers - making sure they all touch.

6. Place a small amount of confetti on the centre of the card, peel off the backing from the sticky fixers then fix in place over the confetti in the centre of the card.

7. You could decorate the corners of the frame with the punched out shapes


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