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How to apply glitter Empty How to apply glitter

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:19 am

Glue Pen
A fine glue pen is perfect for writing titles. Use a light pencil to write your word before tracing over the letters with a glue pen. Working over a glitter tray or sheet of paper, sprinkle glitter liberally over the glue. Tap off the e xcess. A glue pen can also be used to add glittery details to patterned papers or stickers.

Jac Paper
This nifty paper is coated with adhesive on both sides. Each side is also protected by a thin backing paper that peels back easily. To use Jac Paper, cut or punch your letter or shape and remove the protective backing from one side of the Jac Paper. Using the exposed adhesive of the paper adhere the piece to your project. Peel back the remaining protective paper from the Jac Paper and apply one or more shades of glitter. Alternatively, depending on the project, you may elect to apply glitter first and stick your glittered image to your project after peeling back the second backing paper.

Glitter Tray
These come in various shapes and sizes. The easiest to use have a rim all the way around and a funnel with a plug which can be unstopped to pour the glitter back into its container. If you do not have a glitter tray a folded sheet of paper will also help to save your glitter.

Glitter Effects
Amazing effects can be achieved with Jac Paper. Draw an image on Jac Paper and cut it out with scissors and adhere it to your project. Using a craft knife carefully cut through the top protective paper only to remove a portion of the design. Apply your first glitter. Remove the excess. Using the craft knife repeat this process several times until the design is fully glittered.

New in Glitter
Look out for glue pads and heat set powder for even more options for applying glitter.

Perfect Glitter
An anti-static pad used for working with embossing powders is a fabulous addition to a glitter kit. To use, wipe it over cardstock prior to applying glitter. When tapping of the excess glitter into a tray the glitter is much less inclined to cling to your paper. The anti-static pad can also be wiped over your glitter tray for a faster and more thorough cleanup between colours. A brush will also help to sweep any stray glitter from your work, giving a professional finish.

Storing Glitter
Look for containers that can stand up on their own. Glitter afficionados opt for small jars that can fit a teaspoon through their opening. If you prefer to keep glitter in its original packaging, stablise tall, thin vials with a sizeable lump of blu-tac.

Cleaning up after Glitter
Be prepared for some glitter transfer. it is quite likely that your fingers and clothes will become 'fairy-dusted'. A quick vacuum of your work area will prevent a house-wide spread of glitter.

** Adding magic to your pages is as easy as a spoonful of glitter**


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